Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting caught up, part 1.

So here I lay on the dinette "bed" attempting to blog from my iPad. I'll go back in time just a little to try to get things caught up. I'll go back to when we picked it up... (insert "Wayne's World" flashback sound effect here)

When we picked out the Forest River Wildwood 26TBSS at the Kansas City RV show, it was fully loaded. The FR rep was there with our sales guy from Olathe Ford RV. Together they showed us some of the additions that this unit would have. This included 30# liquid propane tanks (times two), electric front jack, electric stabilizers, electric awning, TV (they even showed us the box it came in that they put in the under bed storage), shower skylight, cable tv jack. It basically had every add on, besides the swing out hitch grill.

We loved it! Yes we didn't plan on needing those things, but if they were part of the package, we'd take them. I did t commit to the purchase at the show, because I wanted to shop around more. In the end we obviously bought local. We made the deal, and they ordered it. Yes, we got the buyers agreement and it had a few of the items we talked about, but being the rookie RV buyer, I didn't know that the other things wouldn't be included, if they weren't on the order!

When it came in, I noticed it didn't have the 30 pound tanks, just 20's. Didn't have the electric tongue jack, didn't have a TV, didn't have a shower skylight, didn't have a cable connection. So basically, the only upgrades, we're the stabilizers and the awning. Our sales "team" gave me loads of runaround and excuses. It was ridiculous. They spent 30 minutes going through similar orders to "figure out what I was supposed to have". Finally, I told them that they needed to get all the stuff we expected, and that I was going to hang onto the check from our bank until then.

In a couple days, they put the front jack on and got Forest River to ship them a TV. They gave me some crap about not being able to "give me" the bigger tanks, and I "won't ever need them anyways". They also said that they couldn't add a cable tv connection. That it has to put in during construction. That is obvious BS. But, we took the deal anyways.

More in part 2.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Way too much to catch up on!

Ok, I'm obviously not a committed blogger. To many more important things to do. So now that we are finally on our big trip, maybe I'll find some minutes here or there to get caught up.

Quick recap:

1. Went to Pomona Lake, good time, leaky hose, window seal loose.
2. Olathe RV fixed those things.
3. TV finally came in from Forest River, complete piece of junk. No HDMI ports and DVD slot that would be inaccessible once mounted in the entertainment center.
4. Stay at Jellystone Park Campground, Lawrence, KS. Great time, more on that later.
5. Headed to Leadville! Staying in Goodland at the KOA.