Monday, February 18, 2013

Should I get a Bully Dog engine tuner?

I've been considering getting a tuner for our Armada.  I'm looking to squeeze every last HP out of this engine possible.  Should I get a nice after market cold air intake like the ones from K&N?  Or should I go with a tuner first??  I like the idea of getting a good tuner first, because most of them also come with advanced gauges for monitoring different aspects of your engine performance, more so than your on dash.

So right now I'm looking at the

Bully Dog 40410 Triple Dog GT Gas Gauge Tuner Adjustable

It is usually priced $300-400 online, and I've heard it will add horsepower as well as 3-4 MPG!  I might put this on my wish list, and get it put in before our big trip this summer.  Stay tuned!  After I get it in, I'll put up a review.