Monday, February 24, 2014

Honda Generator - Thanks dad!

I've been looking at generators for a few months now, and really know nothing about them. I know that Honda advertises the most, and everybody seems to love them. I also know that they are extremely expensive. They are expensive because they are so quiet, reliable, and parts are easy to come by. Or at least that is what I understand from reading lots of forum posts. I had been talking to my dad (who is on his 2nd 5er and goes 40-50 nights a year with my mom), about generators and he ended up giving me one of his Hondas. He had acquired a pair of them from my Uncle who had intended to run them in series. Dad spends a lot of time at high altitude and only one of them was the high altitude model, so he gave the other to me. In a few weeks I'll be taking the camper out for the first trip of this season with a "boys only" weekend with another family that has 2 boys like us. I'll be taking the generator for a test run that weekend, although we should have power available. After that test run, I'm thinking that we may try to take the camper for a dry trip elsewhere to see how we can handle boon docking. I'm thinking that the lack of power shouldn't be that big of a deal, so long as we can have some cartoons available during breakfast. I'll post the complete model number and experience notes of the generator after I've spent some time with it.

Camping World Honda Generators:
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